Men`s Lab Energy Booster is a modern programme dedicated especially for men with an active lifestyle. The products ensure appropriate protection of men’s skin round the clock. The Men`s Lab Energy Booster series is intended for men of all ages. It is recommended particularly for the tired and sensitive skin, prone to the effect of sunshine, wind, air-borne contaminants, air-conditioning and cigarette smoke.
Men’s Lab
Energy Booster
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MEN'S LAB - Anti-Aging Skin Cream For Men. 50 ml.
An innovative cream for all types of skin. Effectively prevents early skin aging. The special formula is active in the inner epidermis and in the dermis, enhancing regeneration and improving elasticity. It leaves the skin healthy and activates its natural rehabilitation.
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MEN'S LAB - Moisturizing Cream For Men. 50 ml.

This active moisturizer has been developed for daily facial skin care. The light formula improves absorption and leaves no film on the face. It enhances the natural protective layer of the epidermis, protecting it against the harmful effect of the environment. Used daily, leaves the skin healthy and radiant. The natural moisturizing agents of the cream significantly reduce the dryness and roughness of the epidermis. Ensures proper moisturizing and softness of your skin.
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MEN'S LAB - Soothing Cream For Men. 50 ml.

This is a light cream for the care of dry and sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. The combination of specially selected active agents reduces the skin sensitivity, protects it and ensures proper moisturizing effect. Reduces reddening, leaves the skin fresh and soothed. The consistence makes the cream an outstanding after-shave balm.
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MEN'S LAB - Revitalizing Eye Gel For Men. 30 ml.
Active gel for the care of delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes. The formula is developed to effectively restore the skin’s healthy appearance quickly. The innovative and very efficient active agents ensure fast rehabilitation of the skin and provide energy to the dermis cells. Leaves the facial skin smooth, relaxed and rejuvenated. Absorbs immediately into the skin, leaving no sticky feeling.
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MEN'S LAB - Face Cleansing Gel For Men. 150 ml.

A delicate, deep cleansing face gel. Its innovative formula contains no sodium laureth sulphate. Cleanses and rejuvenated efficiently, causing no dryness or irritation to the skin. The gel is additionally enriched with soft cleaning agents that matte the skin, regenerate and balance the action of the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing sebum. Leaves the skin clean, fresh and healthy.

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